What does your 2016 look like?

  • No matter what is on the outside, be it rain, ice, or snow, we control what goes on in our inside. How we look at the outside, how we view ourselves or our surroundings, can easily be affected by our thoughts. I remind myself daily how positive thoughts help me change any gloominess that might otherwise set in after a foot of snow, or a bad rainstorm.  I look at how beautiful the snow is, how when the sun shines on the snow it looks like diamonds. I have spent many decades now working on my ‘inside outlook.’ Anyone can change their outlook. You can be rich or poor, blind or seeing, deaf or hearing. We all have the ability within us to give ourselves peace, to relax in the face of stress, to love others that some may deem unloveable. As you go about the rest of 2015 I hope & pray you think about what type of new year you plan on having. Make a planner board with ideas of what you wish to accomplish. Dream about what 2016 will look like. Tell others what you will do to carry out your plans for 2016. May you each be blessed with peace, health, & love. 😊
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