You may have an Autoimmune Illness if…

Ever wonder how many people deal with the daily grind of chronic illnesses? Laughter! Humor!

I often have people ask how I manage so many illnesses. Easy, I don’t. I just do what I can. Nike had it right, just do it. Do not stop to think about it. Just do what you can.

You may have chronic illnesses if…

You time all outings, dates, shopping with Doctors appointments. You gotta be up & dressed, might as well take advantage of the day!

When friends or hubby wants to take you out your first thought is which is most important?? Clean hair or clean body??

You take a week to apply lotion to your body. Monday-L leg, Tues-L arm, Wednesday-R leg….

If paying attention were necessary you’d be broke.

Your most important decision is do I have the energy for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner. Not all 3!

You learn to enjoy having cereal, yogurt, carrots, or chips 3x a day for 7 days a week.

You don’t mind having the above items 7 days a week. What’s the more difficult decision is can I use plastic utensils so I don’t have to wash dishes.

When your china cabinet is all for show. You’re too exhausted to wash dishes so you use paper plates.

You only put sheets on the bed when guests come. Even then it’s a toss up! πŸ˜†

Your dogs have more play dates than you do. 🐢

Your greatgrandmother has more dates than you do! 😱

The local restaurants know your voice when calling in takeout

Checking your Rolodex you find 80% are specialists & doctors #’s

PDR? Who needs a Physicians Desk Reference? You’ve tried most of the Rx over your lifetime

**All in fun!**

Wishing you & yours a Happy & healthier New Year!!  😊


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