What day is it?

I realize I have many diseases. Add a cold or allergy & my body falls apart. Funny that my body seems thandle the diseases but add a little cold & wham!! I feel as if I am on my deathbed. Crazy I know. I realized I had been sick over a week when I finally felt well enough to look in the mirror. It was at that time it dawned on me–I’ve been ill way too long!

How do you know you’ve been sick too long:

-You cannot remember when you last changed your pj’s

-You cannot remember when you last took a shower & don’t care either. LoL!!

-The only way you can keep the days straight is via your pill keeper

-You contemplate buying stock in Kleenex & Robitussin

-You yawn & realize you were so congested that you could not hear all week.

The good news is each day I get a bit better. It only took 4 days to figure out I had a cold & allergies. I’ll go back to my diseases which are not fun but at least they’ve become friends long enough I know how they act & when they are acting up. Funny how our bodies can acclimate to abnormal & yet it can feel like getting back to normal again. Shaking my head!!

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