Just do it already!

What are you waiting for?? If you are ever doing the same actions over & over, & getting the same results, & wondering why things never change…then I say just do it already!!! Do things differently! Try something new, or at least learn that it’s a bit foolish to think things are gonna change because you want them to. Oh don’t get me wrong, you can change things. Yes, you!! You have the ability to change things. Now are you ready & willing for that change?

I hear it all the time. I cannot be happy like you all the time. Really? Am I happy 24/7? Do you live with me? Everyone has down moments & days. It’s how you come back from those times that matter. Do you wallow all day, knowing you are wallowing? If so then you are getting some type of ‘benefit’ or you would change your behavior. You see once you give yourself a moment, “moment” not days/weeks to wallow, then you move on. You can give yourself a moment to get mad, verbalize, write it down, whatever you need…then move on already!!! You don’t want to put this on others. Go to a place, scream if you must, & then move past it!!let go of the anger, resentment, hurt. We all have these feelings & those that seem happy all the time have learned how to move past the feelings & enjoy the moments ahead of them.

If you were to be told you were gonna die tomorrow would you spend it screaming, crying, feeling sorry for yourself? Or, would you enjoy every last moment? I bet you would be having the time of your life!!! Well guess what? Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow, so isn’t it time you just do it already?

I hope you form your new habit of enjoying your day today. Remember it only takes about 21-25 days to form a new habit or break an old one. Let’s form new good habits by starting today. Just do it already!!! Hugs, blessings, & good health. Dee 😁

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