What are some diseases that I am challenged with that cause chronic pain?? Go get some tea or coffee and sit down a spell. :) Multiple Sclerosis Fibromyalgia Mod Scoliosis CKD LSS Severe Arthritis Spine Severe Bone Spurs feet Chronic Tendonitis Feet D’Qorvains both wrists Arthritis fingers Arthritis severe hips, knees, elbows, shoulders Screws shoulder Graves Optho Graves Disease TED TMJD IBD/Crohns Chostochrondritis Cervical Disc Disease Myofascial Pain RLS PLMD AS Autoimmune Deficiency Vit D deficiency Endometriosis Plantar Faciitis Enthesopathy EBV and Mono Degenerative Disc Dx Degenerative Bone Dx Degenerative Joint Dx Migraines Vestibular Dx MVP ***few more but that’s enough to give you the gist of how my body went whacky after one accident at work in 1984. I had arthritis in my teens but really began having issues in my twenties. Doc’s and most all specialists believe something in my immune system or autoimmune system went haywire. Notice most diseases are bone, joint related. I have had cancer in my past 3x, as well as RT on my eyes due to TED. 13 radiation doses plus three radioactive iodine doses. I was a well child except for many strep throat cases and have Thalassemia Minor which my Momma and brother both have. Brother is deceased. My specialists in huge teaching hospitals, in a variety of states all give me the ‘I have never seen a case such as yours, and will probably see it in the annuals one day.’ We have all chatted about having me seen at the Mayo Clinic to get a battery of tests done to see why and how this is happening as I continue to receive new diagnoses all the time. I am a positive person, have strong faith, I focus my energy on good things, say daily affirmations, positive saying readings daily, and try to not worry about things I cannot control. I must say my life has done a 360* turnaround from childhood. I quit smoking in May 2000, the last sip of alcohol was on my wedding day March 12,1988, and I wear my seatbelts!! Haha I know the MS Dx may be due to the Vitamin and mineral deficiency they found. I am taking a huge amt of vitamins now and feel better in energy and sleep. I am not fixed where severe insomnia is concerned but not worse. I sleep on average 4-5 nights a week at most. Hope this helps those that also were wondering how I deal with all these crazy “friends” my body has!! I have long made peace with my challenges and no longer look at them as problems to solve but rather things to live with. ;) I hope you find hope in my story as I have found so much hope in each of yours!!! Thanks so much for following me on Facebook. Or follow me on Twitter @ deedeeb8 or Instagram at deedeedb8 (add a β€˜d’). I treasure our friendship and will always be honest about what I share with you. Have a wonderful day!! :)

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