Let’s call it a lovely behavior

As you may know I have a tendency to ‘reframe words’ to have a more positive spin. We have enough negativity bombarding our minds each day-why not change negative words to something more pleasing, more welcoming, easier to tolerate. 👍🏻
One such word a do not care for is ‘habit.’ I know, I know- it’s a simple word yet it carries a negative connotation. Right? I’d rather think of it as a ‘lovely behavior’ I can enjoy. 😄
DYK 🤔 that most people can form a ‘new’ lovely behavior just by repeating the ‘habit?’ It’s true! 😱 Great research has shown that most newly formed behaviors can become habitual by performing the behavior daily 21 times. Y’all got 3 weeks? You too can form a good behavior!! Let’s focus on forming a behavior that may benefit you. Ready?
Two years ago I decided I would spend my days forming a better behavior. Oh sure I’ve read Bible Devotionals before & love them. I’ve tried reading all the famous names out there & have found so many incredible writers I enjoy reading. 📖🤓 A dear friend introduced me to a new app called YouVersion. Oh my, I fell in love 😍 with the ease of use immediately! And better yet it helped me form a new behavior 👍🏻within one month.
The YV app 📖📚📲 has allowed me to spend time reading the Bible daily. I enjoy reading words from encouraging women (& men too). I began with setting a timer ⏱⏰
 in order to make sure I did not miss one day of reading. I was serious-I was gonna get this ‘habit’ right! 😆 No more forgetting 5 days or starting & stopping 🛑 & not ever feeling I accomplished anything. I no longer set daily timers as it is automatic now, I immediately awake, prepare for my day & go to my app before emails or Facebook. I 🙏🏻 pray, then read 📖🤓 my Devotionals, then pray 🙏🏻 again. This is my ‘me time!’ 😊
I now feel a positive shift in my 
mind. If you think you cannot form a beautiful new behavior (okay habit!) you are wrong. It’s easy. Take it one day at a time. Start with one devotional. 👀 I believe YouVersion ‘The Bible Project New Testament in 1 year’ is easy & doable. I’m finishing it next week, I read the NT in one year & will be repeating it again in 2020. Some Devotionals will be shorter than others. Some are music 🎶 video Devotionals while others may be a short film 🎞 followed by reading. So many choices!!
Are you going through grief, divorce, feeling confused, new marriage, finding love, have a falling out with a friend?? There’s a Devotional on YV to help you through it.
I hope you will give it a try!! AND, if you miss a day here or there you can always catch up!! Life gets busy, it’s expected. Do not get down on yourself, just pick up where you left off or skip that day. We ALL have bad days, sick days, vacation etc that can put us out of range of wi-fi. Give it your best shot. Form that special behavior with a commitment for 21 days-then watch it change your life! ☺️ You can do this- I have faith ✝️ in y’all.
I pray y’all will enjoy the YouVersion Devotional app as much as I do! If you think 🤔 it’s something you might like to try then join us here at PCL as we start a new Devotional on January 1st. Pastor Angela will give more information soon. We can do this together! 🥰👍🏻✝️ 

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