One subject that continues to come up for those new to faith is ‘how to pray.’ I would say there are almost as many ways to pray as there are people.
As for myself I look at prayer as a continual conversation with God. I do not tend to have set hours like most when it comes to eating or sleeping. Because of this reason it’s difficult to just set aside a certain time each day to pray. Instead when I think of a need I say a prayer. You will find me walking through our home saying a prayer & wonder if I’m talking to myself. If momma asks if I was talking to her, I say no just God. This continual prayer also keeps me from forgetting to pray for the person or need. All throughout the day I can have my conversation with God.
I’ve also started using the ‘Echo Prayer app’ on my iPhone & I really enjoy using it. If you have not heard of it let me mention a few things I like about the app. First it’s easy! What can I say, I am not getting younger & find ease of use directs many of my decisions! Secondly, you can use a photo of the person you are praying for & upload it so you see the person as you pray for them. Next it includes an area where you title the prayer, person’s name, then include what you are praying for, such as illness, death, etc. When the prayer is answered there is an area to check off prayer answered. The app also has the ability to record minutes you pray daily if you wish to work on your prayer life.
I hope you can think about adding prayer time to your day. Start with a few minutes as you rise or before sleep if you have consistent bedtimes. I still do quick prayers as I arise & before bed but I do the bulk of prayers during my day.

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