Celebrate You!

As a Clinical Therapist I often was asked by parents ‘how can I fix my teenager?’ As I worked with parents I always began with ‘fixing them.’ It’s not an easy process & it’s one that is necessary. Being told everything is not the teens fault is often difficult to grasp. Ya know my teen IS the problem!!
I don’t care if you have teenagers, no kids, toddlers, adult children, if we begin by fixing ourselves first we often will eliminate or at least help the ‘problem child.’
How do I fix myself? Well it’s not easy, will take time, and if you begin today you have a great chance at seeing good changes by March!! Yes, this March! Then you can celebrate you!
Repetition. Repeating daily behaviors over the course of 21-28 days has shown to be effective with instituting any habit into your routine. How do I know this, aside from excellent research for decades, I have done it!! Yep, it’s how I eliminated most worry from my life, it’s how I changed from negative mindset to positive, it’s how I quit drinking & smoking, it’s how I meditate,  it’s how I read the Bible & pray daily. I formed good daily routines that I can turn to so I eliminate most stress & thus am a better person to live with.
You can do this! Want to become more active? Choose an activity you enjoy, say hiking. Give yourself no excuses. Set out boots/shoes, proper clothing & start today. Begin slow, 5 minutes, then work up. Meditation? Begin by reading legitimate sites or view a YouTube video on meditation. Give yourself that 10-30 minutes a day so you can give your family the rest of you-the good you!!
Lastly, no significant other in your life? Right now this is the best time to work on you! Be the best you! Allow God to work on you & be the person that attracts the person you dream of. Try not to sit around waiting for Mr Right if you are not the best you or you will end up with Mr Wrong in your life.
Happy Valentine’s Day – now go be the best you I know you are capable of being!☺️❤️

1 Corinthians 16:13

Philippians 4:9


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